Project Description
This project is based on the Monster Exchange Project and Monster Project Wikispace. The premise of the project is to create a Scary Spud, and then write a description of the Spud so that their partner classes can re-draw it, coming as close to the original as possible. The students from 3 different schools, 1 in Alabama and 2 in New York, have been paired up with a partner class. Each class will be split into about 6 groups with 3-4 students in each group. Each group will then be assigned a number. After creating their Spuds and writing their descriptions, the information will be posted to the Wiki so that the partner class may access it. After the Scary Spuds are re-drawn they will be uploaded to the Wiki for all to see. The students may then compare them to determine how close they came to the original Scary Spud.

Resources Used
Microsoft Word or Google Docs
Scary Spuds Website

Contact Us
Amber Coggin (Alabama)
Nedra Isenberg (New York)