Now that our project is nearing completion we thought you might like a chance to ask some questions about what life is like in Mobile, Alabama or Holland Patent, New York.

Questions about Holland Patent, NY

Questions about Mobile, AL

What do you do for fun?
  1. Climb trees
  2. Play soccer/football/baseball
  3. Jump in the leaves
  4. Play in the snow

What special classes do you have?
  1. PE
  2. Music
  3. Art
  4. Computer
  5. Library

What is your favorite class at your school?
  1. PE!

What is your school mascot?
Golden Knight

Are there lots of tall buildings there?
No, we are a small rural community.

Do you have a lot of really nice boats?

What kind of computers do you use in computer lab class?

Do you have a lot of taxi cabs on the road?
None at all. In Utica there are a few cabs.
What do you like to do?
  1. Go to Waterville USA (a water park with big slides in Gulf Shores, Alabama)
  2. Play video games
  3. Play outside
  4. Ride bikes
  5. Go to the park

What does it look like there?
  1. Lots of trees
  2. Sunny
  3. Most of us have never seen snow
  4. Lots of buildings
  5. Lots of suburbs

What kind of specials do you have?
  1. Computer
  2. Art/Music
  3. Library
  4. PE
  5. Counseling

Do you play sports?
  1. Football
  2. Baseball
  3. Softball
  4. Basketball
  5. Soccer
  6. Cheerleading
  7. Volleyball

Do you go on nature walks in gym?
No, we do not. Sometimes we go on nature walks at home.

Do you have bowling alleys?
We do have bowling alleys in our town.

What are your seasons?
Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall/Autumn

Do you have apartments?
Yes, we have lots of apartment buildings. Some of us live in them now.

What is your school mascot?

Where do you go on field trips? Do you go to the beach?